About us

We always used to great powerful open source stuff, templates and themes were not a part of it, until we decided to change that, we here at Scoop Themes put all of our effort, experience and everything we can to support the community with great things as we always used to.

Items and every thing here built with all the love in the world, we hope you enjoy and contribute also to help the community with anything you can, check how you can contribute here.

Who Crafted Scoop Themes - Moe Shaaban

Front-end Engineer, Nerd ! nah i’m good, I just love what i do, and love to help the community in my spare time. hopefully to meet everyone expectations, my passion in Javascript, UI stuff, NodeJs, AngularJS, and i am trying to keep the track going but it’s a long run. follow me if you like @1moex

Why ScoopThemes

I believe that our mission is to connect everything we can, and make it reachable for everyone, We always used to work with great stuff like JQuery, Linux, Bootstrap,…etc. The open source world always has been their for us making our life easier and more powerful, i think it’s the time now for a decent opensource community for templates and themes.